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The Tortle Precision Head Positioning System provides safe and precise head positioning for sick, hospitalized infants as well as healthy babies from 0-6 months adjusted age. The products are extremely helpful in preventing IVH and preventing and treating cranial asymmetry and head preference. This system should be used during their hospital stay and after discharge and through the risk period of approximately 6 months. The system is comprised of two FDA cleared cotton beanies: the Tortle NICU Midliner and the Tortle Air. The Tortle NICU Midliner is used for preemies up to 3.5 Kg. The Tortle Air is idea for feeder/growers in the NICU, typically 1.5 Kg and up. Both are x-ray friendly to reduce patient stress and both are available in 3 sizes.
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Tortle NICU Midliner, Tortle Air

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