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Innovative Medical Specialties began in 1995 as a Specialty Neonatal Distribution Company that met a need to provide quality neonatal products to the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States. Distributing for and representing companies over the years such as Gesco, Bard, Children's Medical Ventures, NeoCare, Byrd, and Respironics made the growth, reputation, and success of Innovative Medical Specialties noteworthy not only in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, but throughout the entire United States. Being a family owned /veteran owned and operated business has enhanced the company to see our business in a light that always puts babies first. Innovative Medical Specialties has and will always pride itself on this fact as we continue to work with our solution partners and continue supplying maternal child care givers with the highest quality products and service.

Robert "Bob" Scarborough

Bob is the proud founder of Innovative Medical Specialties, and has been in the medical sales business for over 35 years. He has devoted his time, energy, focus, and his heart over these years to caring for babies, and the specialty of neonatal medicine. Bobs long tenure in sales began with C.R. Bard in the 1970's, and has produced a wealth of experience over the years that has been invaluable to the companies he represents, and to the customers he serves. Bob attended the University of Madrid , and Towson State University, from which he earned his Bachelor of Science degree. He served in the military for four years and received his honorable discharge in 1972. As the founding principle of Innovative Medical Specialties, the leadership he has provided, and the stellar relationships he has maintained over the years has only enhanced the reputation for excellence that is synonymous with Innovative Medical Specialties.

Michael "Mike" Scarborough

Mike joined forces with Innovative Medical Specialties back in 2000, and has provided the company with an energy of expertise and leadership in multiple areas that has really helped to strengthen the company. A graduate of Western Maryland College in 1998, Mike received his degree in Business and Economics, and in 2008 Mike received his MBA from Mount Saint Mary's University. Mike has gained in his experience as he began his selling career as a securities broker for Morgan Stanley. As he transitioned into Medical Sales, Mike has not only succeeded in this transition, but has led companies nationwide with his sales effort. With a great rapport with his customers, and a willingness to help our company partners rise to success Mike's future is guaranteed to bring service and excellence to it's highest levels.

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